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Jelle Dijkstra

Founder Sales Champ

Thijn never just executes something quickly, but always thinks strategically about how everything will look best. He is also a warm personality who gets along well with everyone.

Mounir Azegra

Founder IWannaBurnFat

The professional approach and creativity of Thijn have taken my videos to the next level. I highly recommend his services!

Jeroen van de Kraats

Co-founder RaakOntwikkeling

Thijn helped us a lot with a series of videos. He is driven, a perfectionist and also a very nice guy.

Frans-Luuk Bouwers

CEO City Hub

Thijn is a very creative director who thinks from the DNA of the organization. The content he creates is high in its quality and immediately adds value.

Hicham Chourak


Thijn always helps you with thinking about concepts and comes up with the most creative solutions. He is always aware of the latest developments and delivers quality. We heartily recommend him!

Reinier Bouma

Co-founder Keana

Thijn is a very skilled director who's pleasant to deal with. He puts you at ease during the shoot, leading to a performance that comes off very natural.

Luc Broos

Co-founder FlexyStands™

Thijn always delivers the best projects. He really takes his time and helps you come up with ideas. I highly recommended him if you want to take your company to the next level.